About Us

We are a boutique Asset Management company with 11 offices around the globe. Our team is comprised of managers and analysts with strong experience and track record. We partner with institutional and professional investors to provide investment management, institutional advisory and wealth management services. The company has a streamlined and dynamic structure that can adapt to any market environment.

Our investment philosophy is based on our own proprietary research methodology and investment process.

8.79 B
12 500+
Assets Under Management
Assets Under Management
8.79 B
Industry Experience
12 500+
Fund Management:

We offer individual and UCITS (undertakings for the collective investment in transferable securities) funds that are focused on long term performance with added element of Cryptocurrencies.

Institutional Advisory:

We support institutional investors with tailor-made strategies for achieving individual targets.

Wealth Management:

We help our customers’ pursuit of their aspirations by creating customized investment portfolios that meet the customer’s performance goals and propensity to risk.

Rational Principles:

Our long only strategies are based on the search for valuation mismatch, i.e., assets whose price is largely underestimated by the market. We exploit asymmetries between the stock market price and the intrinsic value of the business, investing only in cases of significant upside vs. the risks involved.

Our team

Our global team is composed of more than 20 employees with extensive experience and expertise not only in wealth management but also in financial analysis, trading strategies with emphasis on newly adopted technology such as blockchain. Most of our employees have accumulated a solid knowledge of the Principality’s financial center over the years.

We differentiate ourselves in our results-focused mindset and approach to ethics, risk management, and capital preservation.

Jonathan T Sterrett

Co-Founder & CEO

Oliver Brown

Co-Founder & CTO

Patricia Davis

Chief Venture Officer

George Johnson

CIO Chief Investment Officer

Augustus Williams

Cheif Financial Officer (CFO)

Larry Jones

Risk Management Officer

Byron Hackel

Corporate Finance Analyst

Maria Rodriguez

Marketing Advisor

Bill Gabelman

Hedge Fund Manager

Bruno Caballero


Elizabeth Howard

Internal Auditor

Patrick A Mabery

Strategic Advisor