Investment Philosophy

Agartha Asset Management’s investment principle is to produce superior returns for its clients in a responsible manner. With our proprietary research methodology in traditional asset classes and added emphasis on new asset types like Crypto currencies we are able to blend risk and offer high yield returns.

Long Investment Strategies

Long Investment strategies focus on set timeline investment plans that put us in the best position for exploiting market opportunities. We do not invest without understanding market composition, trends and player movement. We understand the fundamentals of investment options on technical and strategic levels, this approach helps diversification and increases stability of investment. Having long investment strategies gives us the freedom to disregard short term volatilities and exploit long term gains.

Alternative Strategies

Just as Long term strategies are important there are market opportunities that arise and we are all about converting those opportunities in to profits for our customers. The strategy is based on knowing market trends and recognizing gainful opportunities. We swim against the current to make our results uncorrelatable to market trends. There are investment opportunities in all markets, all trends and all environments, this is why our focus on short terms strategies is about an immediate action.

Proprietary Research Methodology
Long Investment Strategies

Our proprietary research methodology uses techniques that are developed in house. We always want to have 360 degree view of the investment opportunity. Without full understanding of the process and asset class we never invest. We do our independent research of assets, companies and markets. Identify and label each one of them as in different stages of development and try to time our investment in most opportune moments.